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The first business in ♪ shrine town that touches music.

Sponsoring: ♪ shrine town executive committee that touches music.

Holding name: Meeting that admires cherry blossoms and music of  Touroku-sho elementary school.

Date: 20:00 on Saturday, 15th 17:00 of April,2006.

Place: Sendai touroku-sho elementary school   school garden.

Content: Meeting that admires cherry blossoms and music of touroku
-sho elementary school .

These 100 years spelt in full-bloomed and music to which light is improved.
Collaboration of two elements that are properties in region.

It is of the age of a tree in 400 years in touroku-sho elementary school schoolyard.

Professional musician of of A this school and regional coming from lives.

Cherry blossoms in a full-bloomed schoolyard where the flower viewing is limited by the school child are usually opened to the resident in the region, the musician of a regional coming from is invited while admiring it,
and it listens to music.

I will discontinue holding in case of rain.

★We agree to this project now, and are recruiting the person who helps.

Those who perform and the music of the folkloric music recruit the circle that acts
aiming at the project for ♪ next time.
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